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Welders in demand in Alaska

In Alaska, welders earn salaries well above the national average and demand for these trained workers is expected to keep growing.1 Welders are needed across industries including, pipelines, refineries, ships, fisheries, construction, and manufacturing. In 2014, Alaskan welders earned a median income of $72,800. The need for welders is expected to keep growing by 18% through 2012.1 This makes welding an attractive choice for unemployed Anchorage veterans.

MIG, TIG, stick, spot and gas welding are all different welding techniques used for different materials. A good welding certification program will provide training in all welding techniques. The basic skills of welding are the same across industries, so welders can easily shift from one industry to another, depending on where they are needed most.

When trained welders look for jobs, there are many titles that may apply to their skill set including: Welder, Welder-Fitter, Fabricator, Structural Welder, Field Welder, Production Welder, Maintenance Welder, MIG Welder, Sub Arc Operator, Pipe Fitter, Steamfitter, Tig Welder, Millwright, and Certified Welder.2

According to the blog site, welders on Alaska’s North Slope can find work in a number of different areas including; drilling rigs, rig support services, camp maintenance, camp construction, pipeline installation, pipeline maintenance, heavy duty vehicle maintenance and specialty welding.3


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